Patricia need your help

Patricia lives her life with a smile and has made plans for the furture like everone else at her age.

1. of August 2021 she found a knot in her left breast. She consultet her doctor the very next day, who immediately send her to a specialist.

13. of August, Patricia recieved the message that she had breast cancer.

Patricia is 26 years old and a mother of 2 small daugthers. Sophia 2 years old and Victoria 3 years old. At first the message of her having breastcancer seemed as the worst thing possible. But it was much worse. It turned out that it was not breastcancer. It is a very rare and agressive form of cancer - angiosarcoma.

With the new diagnose, Patricia went from having good access to many informations, lots of experience with treatment and groups where she could connect with other young people with cancer to the exactly opposite. No information, no other people in Denmark with same diagnose, no experience with any form of treatments and very poor chances of survival.

In September she had her left brest removed and with that the cancer in her body. But, the risc that the cancer is returning is very high. That is the thing with angiosarcoma. It is returning and it is aggresive.

The experience with this form of cancer in Denmark is pretty much not existing. There have been 2 other cases in the latest 10 years. Patricia had been giving a 10% chance of beeing alive in 5 years.

BUT. In Texas at MD Anderson Hospital there is a specialist in this exact this form of cancer -angiosarcoma. He has agreed to offer Patricia treatment at his hospital. He has also send an exact plan for her treatment so the doctors in Denmark could offer the treatment as well. However, the doctors in Denmark have rejected to give her the necessary treatment, because of lack of evidence for this in Denmark.

The aim of this fundraising is to get Patricia the treatment she need sin order for her to have a chance to see her daugthers grow up.

In the case Patricia will not need the money, whey will all be donated to Kræftens Bekæmpelse, an organisation that fight cancer.

Thank you for supporting Patricia and helps her children to grow up with their mother.

If you like to donate, here is the info:

Name Team Patricia

Adress of bank: Girostrøget 1, 2630 Høje Taastrup, Denmark

IBAN DK3430000013307970


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